All You Need to Know About Horse Business Liability Insurance

If you're running a horse business, you probably need liability insurance. There are a few different policies, and they all have different requirements and costs. Here's what you need to

Pet Food Packaging Tips and Trends

The infographic below, Top 10 Pet Food Packaging Trends, contains important information for anyone involved in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of pet food. There’s no question that pet owners’

All of our dogs are pets, but we just can’t keep them all!

They are loved, played with and have the best health care possible. Our goal is to find them a happy forever home where they will continue to receive lots of

Top 5 Ways To Get Rid of Fleas On Your Cat?

If you think your cat has fleas, you may want to treat your home to kill them off. Fleas are not only a nuisance, they can be dangerous. In thirty

Joint Issues in German Shepherds

Joint issues in German shepherds (GS) are common, especially as the GS ages. The breed is predisposed to joint issues as a result of its conformation and the way it