The funniest thing that I noticed about Sibby

Hey guys! I’d like to introduce you to Sibby. Sibby is an 11 week old Siberian mix. Sibby was found at and rescued from a local shelter by her caretaker, Jenny. When she saw Jenny at the shelter, she begged and pleaded to go home with her, and Jenny couldn’t resist.

The funniest thing that Jenny noticed about Sibby is when she discovered herself in the mirror and thought she was face to face with another cat. Sibby hissed and folded her ears out, looking like a gremlin. Sibby is a very funny and cute kitty, a real treasure to Jenny.

Sibby was just one of many cats found at a shelter. My own cat was there for 4 months, and was THIS close to being sent to the pound, where she would have been put to “sleep” after another week or two. Every year thousands of cats are put to sleep. Please go to the pound and local shelters before you go to a pet store, where pets have garunteed good lives. You never know what treasures you might find. Thanks!!!

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Hairy herders corral coots

This could be construed as a terrible thing to say about one of our major industries, but golf courses in our area are going to the dogs.  Actually, they’re going  to the dogs everywhere.  It’s the latest trend – and it’s good.

Pacific Grove Golf Links has rented border collies and dog handlers to dissuade messy birds from eating the greens and leaving slimy calling cards for golf balls to traverse.  During hours of play, the border collies herd the birds – American coots – onto the golf course’s lake, and few coots seem to be taking up residence there this winter as a result.

Corral de Tierra Country Club, meanwhile, has its own border collie, Mickey, to make the course less attractive to flocks of Canadian geese.  In the off-season, Mickey – a club favorite – chases down pine cones tossed by Corral golfers and employees.  He also knows which golfers come to the course bearing dog treats.

Think of this as a full-employment act for border collies, a breed that is sometimes disdained for its obsession with chasing things.  Originally bred to herd livestock, and trained through the ages to do this without taking a chunk out of the profits (no nipping!), border collies are now being used nationwide to chase and herd wildlife away from areas where a danger or nuisance is posed, like golf courses and rural airports.

Use of the dogs for such chores has now reached such critical mass that when P.G.’s golf superintendent Mike Leach attended an industry convention recently, a display on border collies was side-by-side with the latest in golf courses mowers and tractors.

Pacific Grove’s municipal course first tried the border collie solution three years ago, but while the dog’s trial run was a success, managing the dog proved too labor intensive for Leach and his crew.  He reverted to a  less satisfactory solution of applying bird repellent to the course.  This season he was able to find a local border collie expert willing to rent his services.

Dog handler and owner Butch Wilson has seen, in the past few months, this niche business catch on with other local golf courses.  Even a city parks department is now using his services.

It’s a natural for this area.

How To Spoil Your Spunky Cat

TOYS, TOYS, TOYS!!! Most hyper cats love toys! My cat, Bug, LOVES her dangle toy. It has a bell on the end of it, and when she hears it, she’ll come running! I can trail it on the ground or dangle it above her head, and she’s happy! She loves noise makers, ‘dangle’ toys, and teaser wands. The one shown below is all!
This toy takes teaser wands to the next level! Plush toys “buzz” and their eyes light up as kitty bats and chases

However, the battery in it might make the toy a little heavy and dangerous… so here’s another option. Choose from a variety of fun colorful textures in these extra-long teaser wands Made exclusively for PETsMART

Don’t forget to feed your cat the right type of food to make sure s/he lives a good, healthy life. It’s fine to occasionally give your cat wet food, but don’t turn him or her into a priss, because they will REALLY, REALLY, give “spoiled” a new meaning!

Knowledge and Skills You Need to Ensure Your Dog is the Perfect Pet

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