The importance of red LED light for treating pet

It might be hard to believe to you that red light therapy has been used for many years by veterinarians all over the world to treat cats, horses, dogs, and almost any other kind of pet for various conditions. Maybe apparently light therapy is commonly used in the treatment of most animals. Since the mid 1980s infrared and also LED red light treatment has long been used in the veterinary community for treating pets and also domestic animals. Furry or feathered, small or large, LED light therapy ended up being effectively used for a long time to treat them all. The cells and tissues of the body soak up the light at particular red and also infrared wavelengths. LED red light is soaked up by the skin and can work well for healing infections and wounds. Infrared light penetrates into ligaments, bones, and joints. Clinically researched wavelengths of Red LED light, infrared, and also blue spectrum are utilized separately or in mixing to generate a healthy response from the body’s [Read more...]